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Plant Tissue Culture offers a useful method for the long-term storage of plant genetic resources to make your operation more efficient and profitable while reducing risk.

Plants with

Plant Diagnostic Testing provides quick identification on plant and soil health to help you grow with confidence. Our testing lab also features GenoVerde’s vast cultivar library, curated by our research experts that will help optimize your portfolio with high quality, disease-free stock. 

With GenoVerde, you can be certain to get the plant you want, when you want it, and with the results
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Under the leadership of  Dr. Michael Harrington, GenoVerde’s Plant Tissue Culture is pioneering the future of cannabinoid tissue culture and young plant production.

GenoVerde’s facilities consist of a research lab, located in the heart of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina on the campus of Shaw University, a Historically Black University, a production greenhouse located at the North Carolina State University and farmland in eastern North Carolina. 

​Leveraging its access to the top minds in the Research Triangle and agricultural hub of the south to advance development of IP related to cannabinoid tissue culture protocols, micropropogation automation, and full scale production testing from plantlet to flower.