Genoverde is solving global climate challenges through innovations
in forest research and you can help. Here’s how.

Forests are the best, natural way to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the air.
Our carbon offset program is designed to remove 21 million pounds of CO2 to fight climate change.

The more you know . . .

Let’s face it, we all contribute to climate change. Each of our daily activities determine our carbon footprint, a calculated number of how much CO2 we personally add to the atmosphere.

Thankfully, we can reduce or eliminate our carbon footprint with carbon offsets. Know your carbon footprint and take action to fight climate change.

We’re researching ways to make trees grow faster by capturing and storing 20% more CO2.
Our goal is to reforest 500 acres of inactive farmland; that’s 250,000 trees we can plant with your help.
Proceeds from the carbon offset program help to support secondary school education.