Wanna know what you can do to lower your carbon footprint? Wanna know how planting a tree helps? Get the answers to these questions and more . . .

What is a carbon offset?

The textbook definition of a carbon offset is – a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere.

In practical terms, a carbon offset is a method of ensuring that the carbon emissions generated and released into the environment by an individual or company is taken back out of the environment.

Our efforts are focused on carbon offsets as it relates to reforestation of underused/dormant farmland. Trees are a simple, natural way to reduce carbon dioxide in the environment there our offsets are based of the planting of trees. The effects of removing the carbon can be visualized through the growth of the tree. The purchase of a single offset allows us to plant one tree.

What do I get when I purchase carbon offsets?

When you buy carbon offsets, you receive a “Certificate of Purchase’ which indicates the amount of carbon you’ve committed to offset through the planting of trees. Included with the certificate is the GPS location of the planted trees, periodic health status updates, and an annual accounting of the total amount of carbon captured, to date, from the date of their purchase.

Customers who adopt 15 or more trees will be able to name the trees they have adopted. A plaque with their name will be placed at the site of the planting to honor those customers. Customers who adopt 20 or more trees also receive a ‘We Got This t-shirt’.

How do you calculate my carbon emissions?

Carbon emissions, or carbon footprint, are calculated based on your activities. Some calculations are more detailed than others and can be an exhausting process.

Our calculator is designed to be simple, easy and fun to use. The major activity areas contributing to carbon emissions used in our calculator are:

Home Energy Use

Combined these areas make up the bulk of our everyday activities contributing to carbon emissions. If interested, we can work together to calculate a more detailed account of your carbon footprint. Simply email us at info@genoverde.com for more information.

How many acres are being reforested, and what will be the overall effect on reducing CO2 levels?

In 2017, Genoverde has made agreements with landowners in the Southern US to reforest 500 acres of dormant/inactive farmland. When all 500 acres are reforested, more than 21 million pounds of carbon (CO2) will be removed from the environment.

In relatable terms, this means removing 2000 vehicles from the road or powering 1400 homes with electricity for one year.

Our agreement with landowners provides us with a minimum 10-year guarantee that the trees will not be cut down. Most of our landowner partnerships will ensure the trees are protected for 20 to 30 years.

Are you looking to partner with additional landowners to increase the number of acres to reforest?

Yes, Genoverde is open to working with landowners interested in helping these efforts. If you are a landowner and would like to participate, please send an email to info@genoverde.com.

Do the offsets I purchase improve the environment in my area?

Yes. Although our current reforestation efforts are focusing on landowners in the Southern US, everyone will benefit from the reductions in CO2 levels in our environment. Carbon level build up in one area of the world will have an effect elsewhere. The same is true for reduction of carbon levels.

We do note that area surrounding the reforestation effort will have a more immediate impact than those further away. That said, we are looking to work with landowners in other areas to expand our reforestation efforts and more directly impacting local communities.

What is the money used for when I purchase offsets?

When you purchase carbon offsets, the funds are used for reforestation, secondary school education, and forest research.

Your purchase allows us to plant, manage, and study the trees for a minimum of ten years. This involves obtaining a USDA Forest Service Agency certified land management plan. The plan ensures proper land management practices are enforced towards the protection of wildlife and natural water sources. Ultimately, good management promotes optimal tree growth for maximum carbon sequestration.

In addition, proceeds from the purchase are used towards tree biotechnology research to improve carbon storage. Also, funds support secondary school education helping to train the next generation of scientist, engineers and teachers.

How does Genoverde ensure that the offset projects are making a difference? Is Genoverde independently audited and verified?

Yes, we work with USDA certified foresters and independent forestry consultants, who serve as third party verifiers, to ensure project milestones and carbon offset goals are met.

Do I own the carbon offsets?

Yes, when you purchase carbon offsets you own them. The trees you symbolically adopt serve as a tool to visualize the amount of carbon you offset with your purchase. Unlike other offset programs, the amount of carbon removed from the air and stored can be accurately measured and verified.

What is the refund policy?

We have a 30-day full refund policy, from the date of purchase, if trees have not planted. If the trees have been planted, a refund of ½ of the total purchase price is refunded.

Is Genoverde a non-profit or for-profit company?

Genoverde is a for-profit environmentally and socially focused company. As a for-profit company, we support projects and organizations that focus science education particularly in low income and underserved areas in the US. In addition, we partner with landowners, business and other organizations with an emphasis on addressing climate related agricultural and environmental issues.

Can I deduct my carbon offset purchase from my taxes?

Depending on location, tax deduction of your carbon offset purchase may be possible. We recommend that you check with your accountant or/and tax preparer on whether your purchase is tax deductible.

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